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Name: All India Jewellers & Goldsmith Federation

All India Jewellers and Goldsmith Federation (AIJGF) is the largest national umbrella body of associations and unions of jewellers and goldsmiths of India. Consisting of perhaps the widest network of jewellers and goldsmiths across the country, AIJGF is the most prominent facilitator and supporter of jewellery businesses. AIJGF was established in 2014 with constant efforts of renowned industry leaders like Shri Pankaj Arora, Shri Sushil Kumar Jain, Shri Manindra Soni, Shri Pramod Sharma and thousands of traders with the motivation and guidance of the ‘Confederation of All India Traders’ (CAIT), the topmost trader body in India. AIJGF, formerly known as the ‘CAIT Jewellers Wing’ is amongst the most respected trading communities of India. AIJGF is committed to the regular development of the industry and aims to protect the rights of jewellers and goldsmiths. AIJGF is renowned for its swift resolution of problems faced by jewellers be it because of various go...

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Name: All India Jewellers & Goldsmith Federation

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